Even limo hire is too complicated for her

limo hire MelbourneOkay so I know this probably makes me a bad person, but for my wedding, the one and only thing I asked my sister (who was desperate to get her finger in every pie) to do was to book the Hummer limo hire. Melbourne has lots of wonderful limo hire places, I am sure, and so I assumed this would not be a particularly difficult feat of her behalf, but it appears I was wrong. Since I assigned her the task she’d been asking for since she’d found out I was engaged, literally all she has done is complain about it. Complain about how hard it is, how busy she is, how rude they are, it just goes on. Doesn’t she realise I have about a million other things on my plate at the moment, and all I want to do is arrive on time to my own wedding?

Honestly, I couldn’t care less how nice the driver is, as long as I make it there. Can you imagine accidently jilting your fiance because your sister couldn’t get her act together? Because believe me, that scenario has been playing over and over in my head for days. So to avoid all that potential for disaster, I’ve decided I’m going to take organising limo hire in Melbourne into my own hands. I’m not going to leave anything up to chance, and if there’s one thing putting on this beast of a wedding has shown me, it’s that if you want something done right, you definitely have to do it yourself. Just because you’re related to (or about to be related to) someone, doesn’t mean they’re going to come through for you on or before your ‘special day’.

Gosh, just listen to me. I’ve become so jaded! Oh well, I can always go back to being nice Cynthia after the honeymoon. Right now I just have to get stuff done.