A fair dinkum limo addict

Chrysler limoAddictions are hard to describe to someone who’s never fallen victim to one. It’s like, this thing has a hold on you, you know it’s bad for you but you just can’t stop doing it. It may feel good in the moment or sometimes it doesn’t even feel good in the moment, it’s just an urge you can’t suppress. And of course, it digs its talons into you and never lets go.

My addiction is a strange one. While most people can’t identify with addicts, many addicts can’t identify with me. You see, I have an addiction to limos. Melbourne is a pretty moderate city. We don’t have a huge crime rate here and it’s generally quite safe and livable. Little do people know that limos are a secret source of addiction.

Like any intoxicant, limos aren’t bad for you in moderation. Even things like alcohol and smoking aren’t bad for you if you have them every now and then. But when you abuse them, that’s when the trouble starts. It’s the same with limos. Most people get to use a limo a few times in their lifetime (I guess more if they’re famous), but if use them all the time it can damage your health. I tend to hire limos a few times a month. Needless to say, it’s draining my finances, ruining my marriage and tearing my life apart.

Even as I write this I’m browsing my next Chrysler limo hire near Melbourne. The chryslers are particularly stunning in my opinion, and stepping into that fresh smelling car and that first taste of sweet champagne – no wonder why I’m hooked. I’ve got a problem, I really do. I think I’’m going to get in touch with limo lovers anonymous because I can no longer do this on my own. My wife said she’ll leave me if I hire one more limo, and while that is the last thing I want, I can’t stop myself from clicking on this ‘hire me now’ button.