I’m a Karen

I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life! When you pay money to stay in a hotel, you expect the amenities to be decent. Especially when they boast themselves to be a 3-star location. At a minimum, I was expecting maybe a pool, TVs in the bedrooms, and running hot water. Then again, I was only expecting these things because they were advertised on the website. I was even expecting commercial window tinting, but instead, the building across the road got an eyeful every time I got changed. I am so embarrassed. I only realised when I was walking in the lobby one afternoon and I noticed someone from the middle across the road complaining to the desk clerk that they could see all the residents getting changed. I felt like hanging my head in shame.

Yesterday I ordered room service and after an hour’s wait it turned out that they forgot about my order. I called them and it turns out they sent my food to the wrong room. They suggested that I go knock on the door of the room they sent my food to and ask for it. There’s no way I was going to do something like that! The people in that room would think I was totally insane.

I hate to become the typical kind of ‘Karen’ who asks to speak to the manager, but I’m afraid this time I had to. I went down to the lobby and kicked up a storm. I even started giving them names of the top-rated commercial window tinting services around Melbourne so they could give them a call and sort out their windows. It’s almost as if the manager was in shock to hear me have these complaints but he did say he would take on board my feedback. I hope he does sort out the window tinting issue soon as I’m sure there are many other guests who wouldn’t be happy to know that they’re flashing the neighbourhood.