Suddenly, Clearing Out the Shed

pest control MorningtonSuddenly, I feel this weird urge to go scuba diving. I cannot tell you why- maybe I saw it somewhere and it just nestled in my brain. I don’t remember watching or reading anything even vaguely connected to the subject, so maybe it was a dream. I just had some kind of super-HD, yet forgotten dream in which I went scuba diving and had a great time, I guess.

Actually, this has been happening a lot recently. Got a strange urge the other day to make sushi, which was a lot easier. I just went to the supermarket and got all the ingredients, simple as that. And then I had an actual dream where I was in a termite nest and I was fighting off hordes of the local residents. That’s what made me call the Mornington termite inspection people to sort out the shed.

I guess I could’ve done it myself- getting rid of termites isn’t as hard as all that- but that’s just the last few weeks all over. I’m too listless to actually focus on something like that. Not overly fond of bugs, either.

I don’t think there ended up being too many termites, but I did get the chance to look into the state of the shed and it’s not great. One of the things I’ve actually managed to motivate myself to do- sushi creation aside- is clear up the shed. New coat of paint, holes in the walls fixed, secret under-floor passageway properly hidden. It’s been a refreshing bit of DIY, all things considered; maybe I should get termites more often.

Or not. I should check for any signs that they got in the house, probably. Or maybe I could open up the walls and take a look for ants. Honestly, I’m spending my time in the weirdest ways. I should just call the Mornington pest control folks and spend my time more wisely.


That Homeowner Dream

property advocatesBeen looking at homes a lot, recently. Not sure why, since it’s not like I’m moving any time soon, but I do like to think about what it would be like if I had that much time left. Been living the normal life for so long that I guess I’ve started to crave it. And then you’ve got owning your own home, which is like…the normal life: extreme edition. It’s the most normal thing you can possibly do…or rather, it used to be. I guess it’s harder for young people nowadays. Not for me, but I’m me, so there’s that.

To think that there are people whose main job is to help people find and buy houses. Like, a whole industry around houses. There’s been a lot of talk about property advocates based in Melbourne recently. I guess it’s an up and coming thing that people want. Don’t understand it too well myself, but maybe it’s just my generation. We all think we can find everything in the world on the internet without having to hire anyone to do it for us.

Maybe it’s a good thing that people like property advocates exist. The internet is great for searching, but what about if you need that personal touch? You won’t get that from browsing a few photos. Talking to a person who knows what they’re doing is something young people think we can do without a lot of the time.

Of course, you could always just go out and pound the pavement, but it’s not for everyone. Maybe just for people living the normal life. If you want the extreme upgrade, I guess you look around Melbourne for top buyers advocates to help you out with that million-dollar property. If that’s your thing. Guess I’ll just have to wonder for the rest of my life what all of that would really be like.


Climbing the Walls, Literally

mobile aluminium scaffoldingHard work pays off, or so they say. It’s a nice thought.

Man, I’m getting so bored just hanging out here, I almost wish I was back at work with Sandra boring into the back of my head with her eyes. Actually, strike that…I’m really enjoying that not being a part of my life anymore. She’s probably having a great time in that office without me, while I’m here, so bored I’m climbing up the walls. In fact, I’m seriously considering starting a course in climbing walls, because it’d at least be something to do.

When you’re ordering a set of mobile aluminium scaffolding JUST for the challenge of setting it up, that’s when things are reaching some sort of critical point. Truthfully, I’ve kinda enjoyed setting up the whole scaffolding project. Assembled it in the back garden, had a bit of a climb, ate my sandwiches up there and then…dismantled it and went for a speed run. No, really. The first thing I did after the mobile scaffolding was dismantled was put it right back together again. I managed to beat my time, but you’d expect that after I’ve done it once. It took several more rounds but after 5 hours I had the process worked out.

And once I am the undisputed lord of mobile platforms…I don’t know. I’ll probably donate it to some tradesperson around here who can make use of it. It’s pretty good quality, and that stuff isn’t…well, it’s not cheap. Money won’t matter to me so much, pretty soon. Meanwhile, some tradesperson in Melbourne somewhere can go on and climb ladders, do paint jobs, fix roofing…or whatever people actually use this for. I saw a bit of it at the office, but only from the outside.

Doesn’t matter. Aluminium work platforms can be ticked off the list then. What can I become the undisputed master of next? Pot plants, maybe. I hear they can be quite entertaining.


In Search of Office Lights

commercial lighting solutions MelbourneSandra isn’t happy, and for once, I have nothing to do with it. That’s a nice feeling, even though I can really see where’s she coming from, what with this new boss not being…exactly what we expected, I’ll say. The bosses from on high got on touch and said they had a replacement for the other guy after he threw himself out the window (or was pushed. I have my suspicions).

Anyway, I’m looking at lighting for the office. With everything going on, you’d expect we’d be hard at work getting new clients. Things have been tight ever since Lawrence Corp kept eating up all the competition, hence why we were working so hard before, but…no, it’s all lighting, for this week at least. Lighting is fun, in its own way. Got to say, some of these commercial lighting solutions around Melbourne are looking pretty nice. Right here and now we have this really harsh set of lights that don’t really do much for looking at a computer screen all day. Like, really…’white’ light? I don’t know how to describe it.

Actually, the change of pace seems to be doing me some good. I haven’t been sleeping well (maybe it’s the weird office lighting messing with my sleep cycle- now it all makes sense!), and otherwise things have been…well, stressful. Not that looking at lighting is necessarily mundane- there are some really interesting types out there, and then I stumbled onto the lighting exhibition page- but it’s more relaxing than our usual work. Than MY usual work, also.

We’ll have to get back to things at some stage, though, otherwise the office is going under. Seriously, I’ll have to mention something to the new boss. He’s really friendly and seems to need a lot of guidance, so…maybe I should chip in. Commercial lighting solutions all taken care of, boss. Let’s get back to some real work now?


Need to Stop Wrecking the Nets

sports netting onlineI stopped playing sport a while ago, but I still feel the urge to get back into it sometimes. Something about exercise really just calms the mind- all the endorphins, I guess- and then playing in a team promotes social skills. So yeah, I need…all of that. All of it is definitely useful.

Too bad I don’t get out all that much. The tennis club didn’t want me back ever since I sort of ruined the game for a lot of people. I always thought tennis nets were the most sturdy sports netting of them all, what with how they have to withstand people whacking the ball right into them all the time. I’ve seen tennis at the various opens; those balls move at some powerful speeds. So I took my cue from that, played a few games…turns out I was hitting the thing too hard, since I ended up putting holes in the net. The umpire said he’d never seen anything like it, and I was told of for hitting the ball so hard.

But you know what it’s like when you see an opportunity for a swift overhead smash. You just have to jump on those opportunities, and sometimes they don’t quite clear the net…and clearly I don’t know my own strength. I mean, obviously. I kept breaking the nets. First person to ever get kicked out of the tennis league. Hurrah for me.

Then there was that brief period playing soccer, which was alright even if I tend to get kind of aggressive around people in a competitive environment. It’s okay with tennis where your opponent is over the net; soccer is right up in people’s faces. I didn’t meant to, but…injuries happened. I just feel the need to defend myself sometimes, because…well, anyway. The soccer nets were suffering with the power of my shots, so I had to quit that as well. So what’s left? Lawn bowls? No, those things are heavy…maybe badminton.


We All Need a Bit of Motivation

Melbourne keynote speakerI could learn Swedish. I mean, I could’ve learned Swedish, if I’d had a bit more time. How hard is Swedish, really? Finding a teacher would’ve been difficult, especially here in Melbourne, but maybe I could’ve done it by distance. Might’ve been fun. Anyway, got a job to do…

Oh, and speaking of which, had an interesting week at the other job. I haven’t been talking to people quite as much as I usually do, but I thought I’d give it a go. Can’t spend my whole life being antisocial. Then it turned out that we were getting in an inspirational business speaker for a day of office cooperation, so…pretty much sorted. I’d still be at work, but maybe the office people will get to know each other a little bit better. Not sure if we’re in for trust falls or anything…I get the feeling that nobody takes that stuff seriously any more. Yeah, it’s kind of a meme at this point.

I’ve seen with my own eyes what a really good motivational speech can do for a bunch of people, and the best part is that it doesn’t matter what type of people they are. Slackers, neat-freaks, team-players, go-getters, uptight folk, grouches, whatever and whoever you are, words sway people. Like I said, I’ve seen it. Get in a good inspirational speaker and you can’t really resist going along with what they say. The best make lasting change, of course.

Should be interesting to see what we come up with. Actually, maybe a bit of motivation is what I need at the moment. I’ve been lacking for a while…you know how it can get, when something drags out for a really long time and you just get tired. Life in general can be like that, I guess. That’s when you look for inspiration. Sometimes it’s in the small things, the unexpected places. And then your workplace hires an actual Melbourne keynote speaker to pep everyone up and give us ways to be better employees. I guess that’s the purpose. I’ll see what I get out of it.


Seriously, Just Call the Professionals

Mornington Pest ControlPest control: a do-it-yourself guide.

Yeah, those words really shouldn’t exist. I thought I’d give it a go, however. Just a bit of experience in clearing out nature from when it invades, since…well, doesn’t matter. I had a bit of a bee problem on the wall next to the back door, and that’s not really the type of thing you want in your face whenever you go into the back garden. Bees are great and all, and honey goes great on toast, but…well, humans and insects just don’t understand each other in that way. You can’t serve a beehive and eviction notice, unfortunately.

I dabbled with the idea of calling in professionals, honest! Darlene at work recommended some Frankston pest control people when James had his ant problem. They were all in the walls, and maybe there was also something to do with termites. All sorts of nasties, basically. He’d let the winter damp creep in and it has brought in a bunch of insects from the cold, I guess, and he wanted help removing them. I think the folks got it done pretty quickly, so…good for him, I guess. Still, I’ve been looking up ways to do this sort of thing and I’ve discovered a few bits and pieces about chemicals. Like, the good kind. I’m not much of a chemist, but I reckon I could make a bit of a brew at home.

Alright, this is starting to sound really bad. I don’t want to burn the place down, or leave myself with a skeleton for a hand, so maybe I should consider keeping the pest control people on speed-dial. Or…whatever they call speed-dial nowadays. I guess just ‘looking it up on the internet’. I’ll be sensible really…just give the local Mornington pest control fellows a buzz, all of that.  But I do really like the idea of trying to deal with a pest control problem myself, even if I don’t expect much. Maybe I’m just that bored…


Boring Mysteries Inside the Wall

emergency plumbers based in MelbourneYou know you’re bored when you start digging into the walls of your home to see what you can find. I don’t know what I expected, really, but it’s all been pretty predictable so far. Pipes, bricks, a dead rat…sometimes I just get curious. The is a definite sign that I’m going stir crazy, which I really should’ve asked my handler about. I was sure the signal would’ve been delivered by now, so now I’ve sunk into a dreary cycle of ‘go to work, come straight home, occupy self until repeating step 1’. It’s no way to live.

I’ve made use of the situation a bit at least. I noticed some of the pipes in the wall were getting a bit old and rusted, which isn’t really what you want. While revealing as little as possible about how I even knew this, I mentioned the problem to Kyle at work. He said he knows a few really good emergency plumbers in Melbourne who could replace them easily, and that if I left it then rust could very easily build up inside and block the pipe. I hadn’t heard of this, but it was the obvious conclusion. Water is flowing through them constantly, so I guess even the least corrosive of pipes has to have a bit of build-up.

See, this is where most people would go and do just that: find a plumber, get them to replace the pipes and that’d be that. Naturally, I thought that sounded boring and I wanted to do it all myself, and also I’m so starved for stuff to do. The folks at work joke all the time about finding something I’m not good at. Well, here’s your answer, because I’m pretty sure I’ve just wrecked the plumbing. The laundry floor is covered in dirty, rusty water because I thought yanking out a rusty pipe was a good idea and my replacement pipe turned out to be too big, so right now I’m sitting on top of the washing machine, forlornly waiting for the real Melbourne plumbing services to come and sort out my mess. And on that day, Mack learned a valuable lesson about meddling in serious things about which he does not have a clue. Floods, floods everywhere.


Documentary On The Beauty Industry

Brisbane Makeup CoursesEvery once in awhile I take a filming gig to earn some extra money between bigger jobs. I was approached via my website by a local aspiring makeup artist. She was actually on a work placement while completing a diploma of specialist makeup services in Brisbane and wanted some help filming her final project.

As she was local and was willing to actually pay me I decided to help her out. I figured the project could be interesting as I didn’t know much about beauty and makeup.  She was particularly focusing her project on the inner city model industry and wanted to film some makeup specialists talking about their experiences.

I met with Sandra about the project and she said she would take care of arranging all the interviews and writing up some questions, she mainly just wanted help with filming and editing. Sandra and I agreed we would needed at least three weekends to have enough time to get all the interviews from the makeup artists and models. We also wanted to talk with some photographers about what they look for when they decide on where to send their models for makeup.

I never thought I would get a client from a makeup course based in Brisbane, but the project is actually shaping up to be really interesting! Once we started filming and outlining a storyboard it became clear that we would need more time. Luckily Sandra’s final submission date for the project is not for a while so she had some flexibility in terms of the deadline.

We ended up making more of a documentary about inner city models than a small school project, it was really worth the effort! With Sandra’s permission I am entering this film into local film festivals. It provides some interesting insight into the dilemmas models and photographers face when dealing with beauty in all it’s forms.

Getting through to my daughter

makeup courses based in MelbourneMy youngest daughter is just about to finish secondary school and I was a little worried about her. She has never had much direction but is incredibly smart. She picks things up quickly and has a lot of emotional intelligence but just never found her passion. I was worried she was going to finish school and not get up to much, but the other day I was having a little look around her room and noticed some literature on makeup courses in Melbourne. I was thrilled! She has always liked make up and luckily she uses it tastefully. I hate those girls who slather their faces in orange paste and have black mascara dripping from their eyes. My daughter uses it very subtly, I often get her to do my makeup before a big event. So I am pleased she has found a way to use her skills. I don’t want to approach her about the makeup course because she’ll know I was snooping around her room but I want to know that we fully support her. She has never outwardly expressed interest in studying towards a diploma of makeup so I wander if she maybe thinks we will want her to go straight into working instead of studying. But as long as she is pursuing her passion I am happy for her to continue studying. Being a parent is hard because you don’t want to push too much but sometimes not pushing enough means they don’t tell you anything. I want to just shake her and get her to confess she wants do a makeup course! I can’t imagine what she thinks I am going to say other than, ‘wonderful, do it!’. I might take her into Melbourne this weekend and walk past the campus that she wants to do the course on and see if I can get it out of her. A little subtle hinting never hurt nobody.