Climbing the Walls, Literally

mobile aluminium scaffoldingHard work pays off, or so they say. It’s a nice thought.

Man, I’m getting so bored just hanging out here, I almost wish I was back at work with Sandra boring into the back of my head with her eyes. Actually, strike that…I’m really enjoying that not being a part of my life anymore. She’s probably having a great time in that office without me, while I’m here, so bored I’m climbing up the walls. In fact, I’m seriously considering starting a course in climbing walls, because it’d at least be something to do.

When you’re ordering a set of mobile aluminium scaffolding JUST for the challenge of setting it up, that’s when things are reaching some sort of critical point. Truthfully, I’ve kinda enjoyed setting up the whole scaffolding project. Assembled it in the back garden, had a bit of a climb, ate my sandwiches up there and then…dismantled it and went for a speed run. No, really. The first thing I did after the mobile scaffolding was dismantled was put it right back together again. I managed to beat my time, but you’d expect that after I’ve done it once. It took several more rounds but after 5 hours I had the process worked out.

And once I am the undisputed lord of mobile platforms…I don’t know. I’ll probably donate it to some tradesperson around here who can make use of it. It’s pretty good quality, and that stuff isn’t…well, it’s not cheap. Money won’t matter to me so much, pretty soon. Meanwhile, some tradesperson in Melbourne somewhere can go on and climb ladders, do paint jobs, fix roofing…or whatever people actually use this for. I saw a bit of it at the office, but only from the outside.

Doesn’t matter. Aluminium work platforms can be ticked off the list then. What can I become the undisputed master of next? Pot plants, maybe. I hear they can be quite entertaining.