My best funeral director

funeral services in PerthI’ve been to a fair few funerals in my time but recently when my father passed away, I had my first experience of organising one with a funeral director. My siblings and I shopped around among the funeral services in Perth and found one that we felt would be most willing to accommodate our needs. Dad was a pretty quirky character. He had a lifelong obsession with Queen so we wanted to have some of his memorabilia around during the funeral service, and he had three border collies which he loved dearly, so we wanted them to have the chance to say goodbye. We ended up settling on a funeral home that was willing to meet our needs.

The funeral director that was in charge of
the service was probably the best one that I’ve ever experienced. All funeral directors that I’ve experienced have been compassionate and calm but this guy went above and beyond what I as expecting. I’m going to keep him in mind if I ever have to recommend
funeral homes. Perth has a lot of reputable funeral homes so I’m sure there are other good ones. The director that we had at my dad’s funeral service was special because he has a tactful way of comforting the relatives. For example, my sister was becoming a bit flustered and rude when there was a bit of a mix up with the flower arrangement – but the funeral director kept his cool and managed to rectify the situation immediately (After all, it wasn’t his fault that the florist had made a mistake). The experience that this funeral director gave us really made me feel a profound gratitude towards him. Not only did he help us through a difficult time by organising the service, his kindness and understanding actually helped me with my grief. I thought that this man is a kind of unsung hero of our country, no one realises how much of a positive impact funeral directors can make on a grieving person’s life. 

Making peace at the funeral

funeral PerthI really do hate to be left on my own. I think that it is the worst feeling that anyone can have in this world. To feel truly alone is worse than torture for some people. I can’t say that I will do well in this life if I am alone all of the time. I still  have to organise a few things for the funeral, and I can’t ask anyone to help. I’m not sure how long it will take the funeral home to get back to me, but I have to think that it will take a while. I will be talking to the best funeral director Perth has to offer. I will be discussing the remains of Jerry and what we’re to do with them. It was my impression that I was to have the ashes after the cremation. I guess that’s not really what Jerry wanted because his will was very clear to all.
In the will he wanted to say that he forgives me and that I should forgive him. I do to some extent, it’s hard to stay mad at a dead person. I will have to make sure that I get him to where he wanted to go. He wants his ashes to be left in his family in his hometown. He told me a long time ago that he hated to be alone, he knew it just as well and I do. I never really want to leave him alone with just the dust and the ocean scattered to the wind. The lovely people at the funerals home in Perth will be keeping him company until all the arrangements can be made. I mean no offense, they really seem like good people but he needs to be home with his family as soon as we are able. I’m certain that they are really good at their job, taking care of those recently passed. I’m sure that the Perth funeral home is great at comforting family and making all the plans. I’ll be needing a lot of help in the coming days.