Celebrity Bathroom

Recently images were leaked showcasing the inside of my favourite celebrity’s home. Her home is stunning and got 50 million likes on the most popular social media site in the world. I’m obsessed with her kitchen, bathrooms and laundry in particular. I had no idea that anything could be as extravagant as the inside of her home. I knew her house (or should I say mansion) would be absolutely incredible, but this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I have decided that I am going to replicate the inside of her home to the best of my ability. Yesterday I sat down with one of the most talented bathroom designers in Melbourne, who luckily also renovates kitchens and bathrooms. The bathroom designer was very upfront with me about the cost of the project, which would be close to nearly half a million dollars. I told her that I’d take out a loan for the project, as long as she could guarantee that she could replicate what she saw in the photographs. She guaranteed that she could.

Now, I know you may be reading this and assuming that I’m crazy. I’m not crazy, I just know what I want. I want the life of luxury that comes with being famous. I want to spend time in my kitchen (with a chef cooking my meals) and feel a wave of pride over my surroundings. Frankly, I want to begin my kitchen renovations. Melbourne is a great place to live in, even though it’s not Los Angeles or New York. My favourite celebrity has homes in both cities, of course, but I’ve only seen inside her New York home. I would love to see the features of her Los Angeles home so that I can replicate that too. Seeing as I’m already redoing my bathroom and kitchen, I would replicate the living areas of her LA home. I’m going to contact the paparazzi that leaked the photos and ask if they can do the same in LA.