Office Tinting Bribery

I feel bad saying this after my work just spent so much time and money on getting renovations to convince us all to come back into the office, but I am absolutely never going back into the office again. See, things changed last year due to some very unfortunate circumstances, but they changed for the better. Not many people necessarily agree with me, but for the small few of us who have loved these changes, life has improved tremendously. 

That’s the issue though, you see. Now that I’ve experienced just how good it is to work from home, I never want to go back into the office. I don’t care that my bosses just renovated the place and that they got professional office tinting. Close to Melbourne, office spaces and bosses always try to outdo one another. It’s like they think if they have the best office space they can pretend they don’t have a (word redacted) culture. They think employees will be dazzled by fancy views, big kitchens and hot desking. In a lot of cases, they’re right and they even managed to fool me for a while. But I won’t be fooled anymore. Now that I know what it’s like to work in my tracksuit pants and wake up ten minutes before my first meeting, I can never be won over by afternoon beers or anything ever again.

I had to go into the office last week for an in-person meeting with my bosses, and I’ll admit that the new commercial glass tinting did look good. It’s definitely the type of thing that would have impressed me twelve months ago. But new year, new me and fancy new commercial office tinting isn’t what gets me out of bed anymore. 

Anyway, I’ve been writing this blog post whilst my coffee boils. I’ve got a meeting in ten minutes and half of the people will be tuning in from the office and half are at home. The people in the office are absolute suckers.