Parents Influencing Career Choices

game designSome people grow up with all these skills in a certain area, because their parents did something or another. You see it all the time on TV, like when they need someone to solve a particular case or whatever, and it turns out that their parents did that specific thing as a hobby so now they know how to do it too. I’m not sure it really works like that…I mean, I know people who had medical people for parents and they have no interest or knowledge of medical stuff. Some parents just don’t talk about this kind of thing with their kids, you know? I mean, not that I have experience, because my parents are dead and I never met them, but that’s just how I think it goes.

I’m guessing if you had parents who did like a game design course, you’d be more likely to get into that world because…well, games are just that kind of thing. You want to share the joy of gaming with people, so if they were game designers they’d want their kids to be into the same thing. Actually, as weird as it is that two parents could both be working in the gaming industry, it’s becoming more common. It’s not a ‘boys only’ field any more, so maybe spouses can make games together in the future. But then it might become a flipped case of the child hating video games and wanting to do, like…an IT course. Or they could want to do something TOTALLY different, like medicine. Wouldn’t that be weird? Nowadays, there are so many kids who finish school and want to work with video games because it’s a passion, while their folks try to persuade them to do something sensible…like medicine.

So things could very easily flip around in the future, you know? Tech is becoming a big deal. Not that I’m some future prediction person, but I just feel that’s where it’s going. Meanwhile, I’m not hugely into games, because…well, time. I’ve dabbled, certainly. Had a good time with Airedge, that big open world game with all the dragons, but once I completed it a few hours later I sort of lost interest. Someone doing a video game course in Melbourne needs to make me a game that’ll last!


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