Boring Mysteries Inside the Wall

emergency plumbers based in MelbourneYou know you’re bored when you start digging into the walls of your home to see what you can find. I don’t know what I expected, really, but it’s all been pretty predictable so far. Pipes, bricks, a dead rat…sometimes I just get curious. The is a definite sign that I’m going stir crazy, which I really should’ve asked my handler about. I was sure the signal would’ve been delivered by now, so now I’ve sunk into a dreary cycle of ‘go to work, come straight home, occupy self until repeating step 1’. It’s no way to live.

I’ve made use of the situation a bit at least. I noticed some of the pipes in the wall were getting a bit old and rusted, which isn’t really what you want. While revealing as little as possible about how I even knew this, I mentioned the problem to Kyle at work. He said he knows a few really good emergency plumbers in Melbourne who could replace them easily, and that if I left it then rust could very easily build up inside and block the pipe. I hadn’t heard of this, but it was the obvious conclusion. Water is flowing through them constantly, so I guess even the least corrosive of pipes has to have a bit of build-up.

See, this is where most people would go and do just that: find a plumber, get them to replace the pipes and that’d be that. Naturally, I thought that sounded boring and I wanted to do it all myself, and also I’m so starved for stuff to do. The folks at work joke all the time about finding something I’m not good at. Well, here’s your answer, because I’m pretty sure I’ve just wrecked the plumbing. The laundry floor is covered in dirty, rusty water because I thought yanking out a rusty pipe was a good idea and my replacement pipe turned out to be too big, so right now I’m sitting on top of the washing machine, forlornly waiting for the real Melbourne plumbing services to come and sort out my mess. And on that day, Mack learned a valuable lesson about meddling in serious things about which he does not have a clue. Floods, floods everywhere.