Seriously, Just Call the Professionals

Mornington Pest ControlPest control: a do-it-yourself guide.

Yeah, those words really shouldn’t exist. I thought I’d give it a go, however. Just a bit of experience in clearing out nature from when it invades, since…well, doesn’t matter. I had a bit of a bee problem on the wall next to the back door, and that’s not really the type of thing you want in your face whenever you go into the back garden. Bees are great and all, and honey goes great on toast, but…well, humans and insects just don’t understand each other in that way. You can’t serve a beehive and eviction notice, unfortunately.

I dabbled with the idea of calling in professionals, honest! Darlene at work recommended some Frankston pest control people when James had his ant problem. They were all in the walls, and maybe there was also something to do with termites. All sorts of nasties, basically. He’d let the winter damp creep in and it has brought in a bunch of insects from the cold, I guess, and he wanted help removing them. I think the folks got it done pretty quickly, so…good for him, I guess. Still, I’ve been looking up ways to do this sort of thing and I’ve discovered a few bits and pieces about chemicals. Like, the good kind. I’m not much of a chemist, but I reckon I could make a bit of a brew at home.

Alright, this is starting to sound really bad. I don’t want to burn the place down, or leave myself with a skeleton for a hand, so maybe I should consider keeping the pest control people on speed-dial. Or…whatever they call speed-dial nowadays. I guess just ‘looking it up on the internet’. I’ll be sensible really…just give the local Mornington pest control fellows a buzz, all of that.  But I do really like the idea of trying to deal with a pest control problem myself, even if I don’t expect much. Maybe I’m just that bored…