In Search of Office Lights

commercial lighting solutions MelbourneSandra isn’t happy, and for once, I have nothing to do with it. That’s a nice feeling, even though I can really see where’s she coming from, what with this new boss not being…exactly what we expected, I’ll say. The bosses from on high got on touch and said they had a replacement for the other guy after he threw himself out the window (or was pushed. I have my suspicions).

Anyway, I’m looking at lighting for the office. With everything going on, you’d expect we’d be hard at work getting new clients. Things have been tight ever since Lawrence Corp kept eating up all the competition, hence why we were working so hard before, but…no, it’s all lighting, for this week at least. Lighting is fun, in its own way. Got to say, some of these commercial lighting solutions around Melbourne are looking pretty nice. Right here and now we have this really harsh set of lights that don’t really do much for looking at a computer screen all day. Like, really…’white’ light? I don’t know how to describe it.

Actually, the change of pace seems to be doing me some good. I haven’t been sleeping well (maybe it’s the weird office lighting messing with my sleep cycle- now it all makes sense!), and otherwise things have been…well, stressful. Not that looking at lighting is necessarily mundane- there are some really interesting types out there, and then I stumbled onto the lighting exhibition page- but it’s more relaxing than our usual work. Than MY usual work, also.

We’ll have to get back to things at some stage, though, otherwise the office is going under. Seriously, I’ll have to mention something to the new boss. He’s really friendly and seems to need a lot of guidance, so…maybe I should chip in. Commercial lighting solutions all taken care of, boss. Let’s get back to some real work now?