Need to Stop Wrecking the Nets

sports netting onlineI stopped playing sport a while ago, but I still feel the urge to get back into it sometimes. Something about exercise really just calms the mind- all the endorphins, I guess- and then playing in a team promotes social skills. So yeah, I need…all of that. All of it is definitely useful.

Too bad I don’t get out all that much. The tennis club didn’t want me back ever since I sort of ruined the game for a lot of people. I always thought tennis nets were the most sturdy sports netting of them all, what with how they have to withstand people whacking the ball right into them all the time. I’ve seen tennis at the various opens; those balls move at some powerful speeds. So I took my cue from that, played a few games…turns out I was hitting the thing too hard, since I ended up putting holes in the net. The umpire said he’d never seen anything like it, and I was told of for hitting the ball so hard.

But you know what it’s like when you see an opportunity for a swift overhead smash. You just have to jump on those opportunities, and sometimes they don’t quite clear the net…and clearly I don’t know my own strength. I mean, obviously. I kept breaking the nets. First person to ever get kicked out of the tennis league. Hurrah for me.

Then there was that brief period playing soccer, which was alright even if I tend to get kind of aggressive around people in a competitive environment. It’s okay with tennis where your opponent is over the net; soccer is right up in people’s faces. I didn’t meant to, but…injuries happened. I just feel the need to defend myself sometimes, because…well, anyway. The soccer nets were suffering with the power of my shots, so I had to quit that as well. So what’s left? Lawn bowls? No, those things are heavy…maybe badminton.