Where Do I See Myself?

Melbourne steel fabricationWe had work evaluations today, where we had to grade ourselves based on a whole load of criteria. Stuff like ‘how much on average are you committed to the company’, and ‘where do you see your future in ten years?’ That last question is always awkward for me, for reasons I can’t explain here. I know I won’t be here, but that’s not what I wrote on the form. There’s no stopping what’s coming, so why bother giving them warning?

Of course, the whole ‘name your greatest flaws’ thing was the question everyone hated. I suppose we all know what they are, even if it’s a bit deeper down, but we don’t want to write them down and have people look at them. And then there was the ‘if you did not work at this company, where would you be?’ That was actually an interesting think piece. I’ve always admired Melbourne’s steel fabrication industry, from a distance, so I said on the form that I thought I’d be doing something to do with that. Smelting steel tubing, delivering steel beams to construction sites, whatever needs doing. There’s just something about the job that really appeals to me; maybe the physical side? All this time in an office is getting to me more than I thought, and steel fabrication seems like it’d be at least physically demanding. Depends on your specific job, I suppose. Maybe I’d move from being in an office to steel supplies, and be immediately stuck behind the wheel/controls of a machine, thus doing exactly the same amount of sitting. At least in an office you can get up and move around whenever you like, maybe go to the water cooler or make a cup of tea. When you’re fabricating steel, it’s to do with much bigger machines. If you need a cup of tea, it’s probably a matter of shutting the whole thing down, stopping  production…

Okay, so convenience is nice. This job has me operating nothing more complex than a scanner. But still, this evaluation has made me wonder if it’s time for a change. Not that it’ll matter soon, but…eh, I could try steel tubing. Melbourne could always use some more people fetching tea for the folks on the machines.