The art of conveyancing

conveyancing MelbourneI do love art galleries. So many paintings, transporting you to other places and making you think majestic thoughts. They’re so simple, really. Just you and the pictures. But do you know what I like even more? When you finally get to the end of a long, drawn-out process and claim your prize. I’m talking chopping onions to make soup, or walking to the top of a mountain for the view, or finally getting through all that tedious paperwork. Man, that paperwork. I’m not a fan of the whole concept, honestly. I bought a house five years ago and I actually had to seek out a conveyancer in Melbourne because I was so confused by the whole thing.

What I’d prefer is a seminar. So you get the conveyancers in, the person selling the house, the person buying the house and whoever else. The estate agent, maybe. Someone would head the proceedings, preferably someone with actual knowledge on property transfers. Refreshments would be provided for all, naturally. There may even be music, or the bubbling of a mermaid-shaped fountain. Then the dominant authority would have to take charge and tell everyone exactly what they’re in for. No papers, unless people really want to take notes, and no complicated emails requiring untold amounts of back and forth. We’d proceed through the proceedings, every single tiny detail, only going onwards if everyone in the room understands everything that’s going on. All the property details, everything that would be contained within the paperwork but is now in verbal form.

So that would be the seminar. It would finish in a couple of hours, everyone would be provided with tea, coffee and possibly cake, and finally we’d all leave with the full knowledge of what we’re getting into. I need to get these conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne on this, because it’s clearly the superior method.

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